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Espace jeunes artistes - Athanasia Vidali

Athanasia Vidali


The starting point of this work is a comparison of the gesture of drawing with the movement of the living. What animates the gesture of drawing an image? Being interested in the environment and life outside of humans, I started to appropriate natural landscapes found in the history of art. The idea was to question the ideal that Man has an overhanging view of nature thanks to his rationality. I confronted these points of view by working on the surface of the support, against the visual horizon of the image. To achieve this, I chose movements borrowed from animals; by piercing, cutting, scratching or erasing the image, I sought to make room for another view without a horizon, which emerges by groping, in contact with the material. Slowly, the answers I was looking for sprouted unexpectedly, through the cracks of my own perspective. From visual representation, lately, nature seems to emerge as the material forming the work. The work begins to resemble a living organism, which acts on the issues in an unexpected and vivid way, evoking thresholds that vibrate in a similar way to territorial tensions.