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Espace jeunes artiste - Usha Lathuraz

The theme of memory has long inspired my work - so far I have approached it mainly through the prism of the family. Today, although I would like to continue my reflection on memory and the way it determines the possible, I would like to consider more specifically the idea of evolution: mine obviously, from "little girl" to "woman", but also that of thoughts, of the actions we take in our passage, of the importance we attribute to the elements that make up our stories.

We are constantly trying to situate ourselves in a reality that we feel is friable, exposed as we are to the dissipation of all forms of consciousness. We definitely don't have all the time in the world, and neither do our loved ones. From this observation, I believe it is possible to draw a simple imperative: we must build up our experience of the world and of others while it is still possible. To build up memories, because they are the only ones that remain, that can recall time, stretch it. This implies questioning our relationship to reality and, above all, the way in which we intervene in it.

Usha Lathuraz