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Comic Strip Revolution | 17.03 > 11.06.2017:


17.03 > 11.06.2017: Comic Strip Revolution

Organized in partnership with the Hélène & Edouard Culture Fund, the next international exhibition of La Boverie Museum in Liège is entitled "Comic Strip Revolution", and will be held from March 17th to June 11th, 2017. Through a journey of more than 300 original drawings from French, Belgian, and international artists, the exhibition "Comic Strip Revolution" presents two major reviews, "Métal Hurlant" and (A SUIVRE), which shook up the Ninth Art from the mid-70s up until the end of the 90s.  With a few of the great names in comics, such as Pratt, Tardi, Comès, Druillet, Bilal, Margerin, Forest, Sokal, Schuiten, Baru ...

At the initiative of the City of Liège and Michel-Edouard Leclerc, a passionate collector of comics, president of the Hélène & Edouard Leclerc Culture Fund, and under the leadership of Jean-Baptiste Barbier, comics expert and his commissioner, the exhibition retraces a decisive period in history for Franco-Belgian comics.  A period that nearly covers the last 25 years of the 20th century; and in which, thanks to talented authors, comics opened to a new audience, mainly through the existence of these two reviews, "Métal Hurlant" and (A SUIVRE).

The exhibition presents a set of roughly 320 original drawings from the magazines "Métal Hurlant" and (A SUIVRE).  The artist-curator initiative was entrusted to Jean-Baptiste Barbier, Associate Director of the Barbier & Mathon gallery in Paris specializing in comic strips.  The stage design was devised by Éric Morin, and proposes to place the history of these two magazines in close comparison.  This chronological presentation extends from 1975 to 1997, and is divided into 13 sections.  A set of interviews—presented in the form of audiovisual projections—articulates the journey and is spatially integrated into the different sections.  The presented works involve such authors as Gal, Juillard, Margerin, Munoz, Gillon, Barge, Sokal, Forest, Clerc, Manara, Comès, Boucq, Servais ... Moreover, the exhibition provides a particular focus on the flagship authors of the period: Moebius, Druillet, Schuiten, Tardi, Pratt...

The course of the exhibition also proposes (as an introduction) an important selection carried out in the rich collection of original drawings of the Museums of Liège.  There one can notably find strips from the mythical albums "On a marché sur la lune" (Hergé), "La Marque jaune" (E.-P. Jacobs), "Le tombeau étrusque" (Alix, by Jacques Martin), « Le Chinois à deux roues » (Gil Jourdan, by Tillieux), from Gaston Lagaffe (Franquin), Tif et Tondu (Will), Lucky Luke (Morris), Chlorophylle (Raymond Macherot), Michel Vaillant (Jean Graton), as well as Comanche (Hermann).






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