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23.03.2017 > 10.09.2017: Raoul Ubac Exhibition

It is on the occasion of the Retrospective Raoul Ubac (1910-1985), organized by the Museum of Fine Arts of Liège for the centenary of the artist's birth, that an important collection of work from Raoul Ubac – that of Jacqueline and Alain Trutat – was offered as a donation to the Museum.  This donation embodies the wish of Jacqueline Trutat, born Jacqueline Harpet, to not disperse a comprehensive set of forty-six works, which reveal an immense diversity, but also the thematic coherence, of the different techniques used by Raoul Ubac from WWII on.  It is the entirety of this donation which is highlighted in the Black Gallery of the museum.  This gallery was designed as a showcase for works on paper, thanks to a "cold" lighting system that only activates with the presence of a visitor in order to reduce the time of exposure to light.

From 23 March to 10 September 2017

"Permanent collections" rate: €5 / €3