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25.10.2017 > 21.01.2018: The kingdoms of the sea - Archipelagos

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From the Austronesian adventure to the Portuguese and Dutch trading posts, from Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms to Islamic sultanates, the exhibition tells the gripping story of a country with a multifaceted past; the story of a country rich in spices, woods, and gold at the crossroads of the world's most traveled sea routes still in use today.

Nearly 250 works, primarily from the National Museum of Indonesia and including many national treasures, are put forth in order to highlight the sea’s role in the history of the Indonesian archipelago.

Neolithic and Chinese ceramics, Austronesian pearls and Indian fabrics, Dong Son bronze and Hindu-Buddhist statuary, as well as royal golden ornaments and monumental ship bows present Indonesia as the key to trade between civilizations, whose wealth was founded upon the production of spices.

This exhibition is presented with the scientific support of the Royal Museum of Mariemont, Pierre-Yves Manguin of the E.F.E.O. (French School of the Far East) and the GRIP (Research and Information Group on Peace and Security).

25.10.2017 > 21.01.2018

TUE - SUN 10:00 - 18:00

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Adults : 12,00 €
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