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The ALPAC donation

The ALPAC donation (1985-2020)


The works of seven contemporary Liegois artists from different generations are being exhibited on La Boverie picture rails: Marc Angeli, Atelier Pica Pica, André Delalleau, Catherine De Launoit, Pierre Gerard, Eva L’Hoest and Pol Pierart. What do they have in common? Their works were acquired by ALPAC and were donated to the Fine Arts collection in 2020. They are on display in an exhibition from 3 June to 7 August.

Founded in 1985 in Liège, at the initiative of the City of Liège Cultural Board and several intellectuals, artists and art lovers from the region, ALPAC (for Liège association for the promotion of contemporary art) was, until it was dissolved in 2020, closely involved in the existence of the La Boverie museum.

For thirty-five years, the association defended and coordinated what was then called the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (MAMAC), with the aim of highlighting all forms of contemporary creation, with a broad interdisciplinary offering focusing on the plastic arts. Exhibitions, meetings, conferences, symposiums, concerts, screenings, shows, exchanges and trips, as well as, very early on, events for the youth audience and connections with other Liège cultural contributors, over the decades and generations, ALPAC took part in the museum’s full and abundant life and contributed to the existence of creation in the Fiery City, as far as its means allowed.

Composed entirely of volunteers, the association endeavoured to support museum projects, in particular in a period – the 1980s-1990s – when the City of Liège was experiencing major financial problems and was subject to the social and economic strictures of an austerity plan. ALPAC then continued its collaboration with the museum, which, in 2016, reopened its doors after three years of work. The 1905 building was completely renovated and a new wing, built from glass and concrete and designed by the architect Rudi Ricciotti, was added.

One of ALPAC’s initial goals was also to enhance the museum’s collections by encouraging legacies and donations from its members. So, when the association decided on its own dissolution in 2019, it wanted to remain faithful to this essential theme. It therefore acquired thirteen works of contemporary art from seven artists from Liège and its surrounding area. Painting, installation, photography, video and textile art: multidisciplinarity, innovation and artistic quality were the selection criteria. Finally, ALPAC donated these works to the City of Liège in 2020, so that they could join La Boverie’s fine arts collection. For the first time, they are on display to the public, who can therefore discover the works of the artists Marc Angeli, Atelier Pica Pica (collective name of three artists), André Delalleau, Catherine De Launoit, Pierre Gerard, Eva L’Hoest, and Pol Pierart all together.

Free entrance.