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Jacques Clauzel, Au cœur de l'épure

From March 18 to May 22, 2022


Acrylic paints and graphite on stretched — or unstretched — kraft cardboard , watercolour drawings on gorgeous craft paper from India or Thailand, etchings and aquatint: whatever the technique and the material, Clauzel’s work is free from artifice, rejecting easy effects and contrasts — ‘contrast makes such a loud noise!’. The painter prefers the subtlety of black and white to the primary colours. He is fond of materials for their truth, their resistance and the happenstances they may create. ‘Scratched, frayed and scarred, the surfaces sometimes suffer a mishap that reveals the heart of the paper like an open wound’ (Maurice Benhamou, 2009).

In 2018, the artist Jacques Clauzel from Nîmes made a sizeable donation to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, a set of 77 works (paintings, prints and drawings) which is now the subject of a presentation at La Boverie and is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue. In 2020, the artist will complete this donation with a set of about twenty black and white photographs, reflecting his pictorial research. This donation came in the wake of the exhibition Deux peintres du peu presented along with Jean Degottex, at the Mamac in 2012.

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