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Jean-Pierre Ransonnet- Alain Denis

    • When May 13, 2021 10:00 AM to Aug 15, 2021 06:00 PM (Europe/Brussels / UTC200)
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Between early May and mid-August 2021, Musée de La Boverie is offering a dual exhibition dedicated to two major artists from the Liège art scene, who are recognised throughout Belgium and part of the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts: Jean-Pierre Ransonnet (Lierneux, 1944) and Alain Denis (Liège, 1947). 

Both artists, who are former teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts, belong to a generation that has defied easy categorisation. Their pieces, which were produced starting in the 60s, first fell within the conceptual movement (for Ransonnet) and Pop Art (for Denis). Each artist then progressed in very different directions. 

Jean-Pierre Ransonnet focused on materialist painting, based on pigments, flow and overlapping layers. His preferred themes include landscapes, gardens, the forest, the natural elements and working tools, as well as more symbolic personal elements, such as the figure and letter “L” (meaning “her”). Ransonnet did not choose between abstraction and figuration: he created a new path, one where the contrasting presence of colours holds great significance, where reality, imagination and vital gestural momentum are essential to his sensitive artistic practice.

 Jean-Pierre Ransonnet, L’Etang. Techniques mixtes sur papier,2011. Collection privée.











Alain Denis enthusiastically explored American painting and Pop Art, without resorting to imitation. His painting – which often showcases a smooth technique with lots of solid colours – is also capable of being gestural and more lyrical. However, he always showcases great technical finesse, which he also applies to his drawings. A Warhol admirer, he is interested in everyday items, from a can of Coke to a diabolo, from the flowers he enthusiastically paints to various items that anyone could find in their home, or in their day-to-day surroundings. These elements inspire the artist to explore their pictorial potential. Their depiction is not objective in and of itself. It is more about showcasing a personal perspective, based on a detail, a framing device, or an accumulation of elements.


Alain Denis, Mantegnamania. Peinture sur toile, vers 2008-2009. Collection privée.




Admission : (Reservation required)

Combined ticket for the three exhibitions (Jean-Pierre Ransonnet, Alain Denis, Maurice Musin)+ the permanent collections:

- Adults: 8€ for adults
- Seniors: 6€ (€)
- Less than 26 years old: 3 €.
- Fine Arts students: 3€

For the prices below, no online purchase is possible: you just have to ask for a reservation via the address aW5mb0BsYWJvdmVyaWUuY29t or by phone, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, at +32 (0)4 238 55 01

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The Maurice Musin exhibition is only available from May 21, for all visits booked before this date, your tickets will still be valid to come back and see this exhibition.