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05.10 > 25.11.2018


Fragilitas is an exhibition divided in three parts, each one dealt with by a different curator. The aim is to encourage reflection on the way design can create new experiences and transform challenges into opportunities. Fragility comes in many ways and no one is immune, from the experiences of ageing, sickness or disability, to the precariousness, poverty and struggles faced by those who are forced to migrate. Fragilitas does not want to regard these human fragilities as insurmountable facts of life but as a kind of opportunity. The exhibition shows that design enables. Through its creativity, approaches and methods, it can transform frailties into strengths, adapting, improving and refining the objects and services around us. The scenography is the work of DesignWithGenius, a multidisciplinary design studio from Liège, and brings coherence between the different spaces and enhances the specifics of the subject.

Handle with Care 
Design & care (products – service design – architecture – graphics – interactive design)
Curator: Nawal Bakouri

Design for [every]one 
Design for each and everyone – adaptive, participative, open and accessible design (unique objects co-created during workshops with disabled people)
Curator: Lieven De Couvreur
Precarious Architecture & Design 
New architectural practices (architectural installations, maquettes, photographs and projects)
Curator: Jean-Philippe Possoz

FABRICA: Confessions

Under the artistic direction of Oliviero Toscani, designers, architects, graphic artists, photographers and video-makers from Fabrica created a ‘portrait’ of themselves — starting from an introspective act and their fragility — which expresses their creative talent through different media. Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror? What do you really think about yourself? Have you ever doubted your talent, your opportunities and your possibilities? Have you ever been frank about your weaknesses? What would you like to know about yourself, that you never had the courage to ask? Confessions is a candid dialogue. The ‘confessions’ are the self-portraits of the Fabrica project's team members: freestyle, and taking the form of objects, images, videos, or any other form of expression that demonstrates the team members' authenticity and illustrating their unique vision of themselves.

Curator: Oliviero Toscani 


Billet combiné Musée de la Vie wallonne et La Boverie (fermés le lundi)

Adultes : 10 €
Groupes (dès 20 pers.) : 5 €
Seniors (dès 65 ans) : 5 €
Familles (2 adultes + 2 enfants) : 10 €
Gratuité : Personnes handicapées, étudiants jusque 26 ans, groupes scolaires, enfants (moins de 14 ans), carte presse, Article 27


Billet combiné Musée de la Vie wallonne et La Boverie (fermés le lundi) + visite des collections des Beaux-Arts de la Boverie

Adultes : 12 €
Groupes (dès 20 pers.) : 6 €
Seniors (dès 65 ans) : 7 €
Gratuité : Personnes handicapées, étudiants jusque 26 ans, groupes scolaires, enfants (moins de 14 ans), carte presse
Article 27 : 1,25 €


The 2018 edition is scheduled to last from 5 October until 25 November, and will take place in Liege and its province, with the participation of other cities in the Belgian and Dutch province of Limburg and of Aachen in Germany.