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Jules Lallement

Jules Lallement, Untitled, painting, 47.5 x 65 cm, 2008 (Space Collection).

A graduate of the Institut Saint-Luc in 1987, Jules Lallement (1964 - 2021) has never let go of his brushes, even if he has rarely shown his work. In oil or acrylic, he often favours dense compositions in which the repetition of motifs tends to create the optical illusion of perpetual movement. During the last years of his life, he also produced many portraits of his family and friends, most often from photographs that he rearranged, giving them great psychological intensity. In these works, in which he painstakingly transcribes the architecture of Liege, he once again shares with us an intimate relationship while remaining true to his obsession with regular frames. Through this painting, Jules Lallement offers us his vision of a well-known viewpoint of the people of Liège located not far from the Citadel and offering a panoramic view of the Cité Ardente.

A retrospective exhibition in homage to the painter will be held at the SPACE (En Féronstrée 116, 4000 Liège) from 07.05 to 11.06.22. This exhibition plunges into the world of this prolific artist, bringing together works from his studio and some of those that he sold or gave to his family, the favourite subject of his figurative paintings. There is also a series of drawings on paper, canvases and abstract sculptures that hypnotically combine geometric forms. His work is also on show at the café of the cinema Le Parc (Rue Paul-Joseph Carpay 22, 4020 Liège) from 17.06 to 19.06.22.