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Jacques Izoard et Jean-Luc Herman

Jacques Izoard (1936-2008)
Jean-Luc Herman (1936-2014)

The body and the image
Unpublished texts, eight etchings, 35x29 cm
Liege, 1980

Jean-Luc Herman (1936-2014)

Jean-Luc Herman was born in 1936 in Theux, Belgium and died in 2014 in Paris. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege and then at the Ecole du Livre in Paris, where he settled in 1959, and entered as an artist attached to L'univers des formes, a collection directed by André Malraux at Editions Gallimard.
Herman participates in the Nouvelle Pigmentation movement in Paris and in Liège. He continues his pictorial activity in the tradition of the monochrome. At the same time, he publishes works in which his minimalist interventions accompany the texts of many poets.
In this collaboration with Jacques Izoard he presents eight etchings that illustrate unpublished texts by the poet.
In 1996, the Cabinet des Estampes de Liège received an important donation of his paintings, prints and artists' books.

Jacques Izoard (1936-2008)

Jacques Izoard, whose real name was Jacques Delmotte, was born on May 29, 1936 in the Sainte-Marguerite district of Liege. His father was a schoolteacher and his mother a drawing teacher. At a very young age, Izoard was already fascinated by language games, riddles and rhymes. As a teenager, he discovered the first readings that would fascinate him, such as those of the Romantic poets, but also of contemporary personalities such as Francis Picabia, one of the representatives of the Dada movement. It was around the age of 16 that Jacques Izoard published his first poems in his school's magazine. In 1955, while still a student in the literary regency, he met Jean Colette, the editor of the magazine Lettre 55, and collaborated with this magazine by publishing poems.
Teacher of general courses, mainly French, in secondary education, the poet makes his first trips abroad during the summer vacations. From 1958, he undertakes many stays in Paris in order to meet various writers of which André Breton, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Jules Romains...
In 1962, he published his first collection, Ce manteau de pauvreté, under the pseudonym of Jacques Izoard. For many years, he maintained a correspondence and a close link with the authors and artists who crossed his life.
As a member of the jury for the "Liège young poets" competition, he encouraged one of the participants, Eugène Savitzkaya, by publishing his writings in the Journal des poètes. Savitzkaya is the first of a long series of writers that Izoard will support and publish in the magazine Odradek that he created in 1972. That same year, he became a member of the animation committee of L'Atelier de l'agneau, a small publishing house that helped launch young poets.
From meetings to meetings, from symposiums to readings, and from prizes to awards, Jacques Izoard became a key figure in the poetry of his time, both author and discoverer of young talent. Although he stopped his professional activities in 2000, he continued to publish and to receive, until his death on July 19, 2008, many awards. 3 volumes of his complete works were published from 2006 to 2011.
The House of Poetry Jacques Izoard
The house of Jacques Izoard is located at number 50 of the street Chevaufosse (Saint-Laurent district, childhood district of Jacques Izoard). The house of the poet will play an important role in his artistic life. He organized meetings with other poets and received all his artist friends. Cocoon of work, the house also shelters his important library where he keeps books and magazines.
This house, witness of so many poetic meetings, became the seat of the House of the poetry Jacques Izoard. This non-profit organization was created on the initiative of Maria Beuken (his singular companion in the house), Jean-Paul Brilmaker and Gérald Purnelle.
The House of poetry Jacques Izoard aims to promote the work of the poet, poetry and writing.
In 2020, following the death of Maria Beuken, the house of the poet is sold. Her entire library and personal archives are kept at the Fonds patrimoniaux, which now houses the Maison de la Poésie Jacques Izoard.
Since the beginning, the Fonds patrimoniaux has been committed to supporting and promoting Liège authors. Through the funds they house - the Izoard, Thiry, Bolsée, Champagne, Gerardy, Linze and Ruet funds - they constitute a focal point for literary studies.

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