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Finished - Auguste Donnay : Painter, designer and poster artist

18 July 2021 was the 100th anniversary of the death of the Liege artist Auguste Donnay (Liege, 1862 - Jette-Saint-Pierre, 1921), an opportunity for the Liege Museum of Fine Arts to bring out of its reserves a selection of around 80 works (drawings, prints, pochades and oils on cardboard) that show the different facets of this lively creator.

The Black Gallery's display is above all a tribute to the artist and teacher from Liège, whose personality was modest and discreet. Attempting to be as exhaustive as possible, the selection addresses the different aspects that make up Donnay's character and work. From the first academic sketches, through symbolist or Japanese narrative or decorative drawings, ex-libris or even collaborations for poster projects, Donnay tirelessly renews himself. 

He also worked alongside other artists who left their mark on Walloon art at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, such as Emile Berchmans, Félicien Rops, Georges Petit, and his childhood friend Armand Rassenfosse. A few works by the latter complete the exhibition.

As for Donnay's painting, it invites contemplation. When he paints, he sits down, practises for a long time and draws frames, colours and shapes from the landscapes that the people of Liège know well, those of the banks of the Ourthe, near Mery and Esneux in particular.  

This intimate exhibition will allow you to (re-)discover the diverse and invigorating work of Auguste Donnay. 

Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the artist's death 
Selection: about 80 works, mainly drawings on paper or oils on cardboard 
Location: Black Gallery  
Dates: from 17 July 21 to 9 January 22 

Auguste Donnay in his studio, photographic archive of the Museum of Walloon Art (20664), City of Liege.