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History of the park and museum

In 2016, La Boverie Park and its museum were at the heart of the metamorphosis of Liege. 

It was in 1853 that this district of meadows, islands and hop fields was redeveloped by the diversion of the Meuse and that the Parc de La Boverie was created.  

Built by Jean-Laurent Hasse and Charles Soubre, the building that today houses the La Boverie Museum was erected in 1905 for the World Fair in a neoclassical style.  

In 2016, it was renovated by the Liège firm PhD and the architect Rudy Ricciotti. A fully glazed extension was added, anchoring the building in its environment. 

Dive into the heart of its history and renovations with the video below. 

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Promenez-vous dans le parc et replacez les œuvres qui y sont exposées