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15th August festivities in Outremeuse

The 15th August festivities bring together the people of Liège for several days of celebration. Over a week long period, dozens of activities are on offer: bric-a-brac sales, concerts, games, fun fairs and, of course, the folkloric processions and holy mass. August.


Each year, Tchantchès and Nanèsse take pride of place and are celebrated as are other giants of Liège culture and folklore on a parade through the city.

After the grand flea market on the weekend before 15th August, the week is dotted with activities, especially for children, with torch-lit walks and different fairground attractions. The festival starts on 14th August. The streets of Outremeuse are invaded by crowds of Liège's inhabitants, who celebrate this coming together with a glass (or more!) of pèkèt gin. At 19.30, everybody heads to the Place Delcour square to watch the concerts.

The heart of the festival is on 15th August. It starts with the procession of the Black Madonna of Outremeuse, which is followed by mass and a sermon in Walloon. At 14.30 another high point of the day takes place, with the grand procession of the Giants of Outremeuse, allowing all onlookers to discover Liège's folk heroes. New characters regularly make their appearance. Throughout the day and the evening, processions and concerts enliven the streets of Outremeuse.

On 16th August at 17.00, because every good thing must come to a close, the burial of Matî l’Ohê (Matthew the bone in Walloon) brings an end to the celebrations. Mourners accompany the procession, crying, moaning and throwing branches of celery as a fine bone named Matthew is buried...