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Liège: a university and teaching city

From nursery school to university, each day the city welcomes almost 100,000 pupils and students to learn within its confines, across all types of teaching establishments.

In all levels of education, the municipality of Liège totals more than 25,000 pupils and students as well as more than 2,500 teachers.

The offering in innovative teaching methods is very widespread within the city's establishments: immersive methods in primary and secondary schools, early language learning projects, creation of a translating and interpreting course and active learning projects in basic education.

In addition to systematic timetabling of periods dedicated to sport at school, following sporting pursuits is also strongly encouraged in particular by implementation of a pilot project called "the sporting school".

The City of Liège also boasts an education authority that covers all types of specialist teaching.

The University of Liège, with almost 20,000 students enrolled, proposes the widest and most diverse range of courses in the country. With graduate colleges also present in the conurbation, this also unquestionably contributes to the appeal and international brand image of the city, as witnessed by the growing number of students, researchers and foreign students who choose to study or work in Liège.