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Economic Activities

Economic Activities

Liège activités économiques

The City of Liège is at the heart of the third largest Belgian conurbation (with a population of 600,000) and is the economic capital of Wallonia. It stretches over an area of approximately 70 km² and boasts 200,000 inhabitants.

Its strategic position within Europe, its river port (the 3rd biggest in Europe), its high-speed railway station and its airport (the 8th biggest for freight in Europe) have led to the development of many activities linked to transport and logistics. Beyond this booming sector, the district of Liège plays host to the head offices of internationally renowned companies such as AB InBev, Mittal, Umicore, FN Herstal, Techspace Aero, EVS Broadcast, Amos or Eurogentec…

Within its municipal territory, there are approximately 11,500 active companies, i.e. just slightly less than a third of the total amount of companies in the district of Liège.

Their activities generate 107,000 jobs within the municipal territory, i.e. 10% of jobs in Wallonia. In terms of GDP, the district of Liège accounts for 20% of Wallonia's GDP.