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The economic development plan

The City of Liège's economic development plan is based around the main urban thoroughfares that are also the gateways to the city.

It involves promoting the different real estate opportunities that are located on these structural thoroughfares.

The advantage of this approach is that it favours economic development of the sites available on the various thoroughfares without disturbing residential pockets. This makes it possible to maintain a balance between economic development on the one hand and the residential character of neighbourhoods on the other hand.

Among ten thoroughfares chosen, four are deemed to be priorities.

The four thoroughfares are as follows:

  • "Sclessin – Val Benoît".
  • The "E40-E25" link. 
  • The "Port Area.
  • The "Porte de Bruxelles" gateway.

The potential economic development sites identified on these urban thoroughfares total approximately 260 hectares and can be urbanised in the short, medium and long term.

In this land stock, 3 sites are in the process of being redeveloped and renovated:

  • The Terril du Standard slag heap in Sclessin
  • The Val Benoît university campus
  • The former freight rail terminal in Bressoux