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The city centre of Liège plays host to more than 1,200 shops with a total retail space of more than 150,000 m². In terms of visitor numbers, Liège occupies third place in the hierarchy of Belgian shopping hubs, with 200,000 visitors per week in Rue Vinâve d’Ile, behind Brussels and Rue Neuve (230,000) and Le Meir in Antwerp (290,000).

Passage Lemonier - © Ville de Liège (Communication) - J THONON

It is also in this street that rent reaches record levels of € 1,100€ per m² per year, putting Liège in sixth place in Belgium.

Beyond the city centre, which is the main shopping hub, three major shopping centres are located in the inner suburbs of the city :

Médiacité (45,000 m²)
The Cora-Rocourt zone (75,000 m²)
The Belle-Ile complex (30,500 m²)

Overall, there are slightly less than 5,000 shops (totalling 500,000 m² of retail space), making Liège the leading shopping city in Wallonia.

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