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University - a crossroads for know-how

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Alongside its main purpose of teaching, with its 10 faculties, 1 management school and 20,000 students, the University of Liège has implemented a mechanism for systematically promoting the work of its research units. Consequently, it has taken on the mantle of a player in economic development and is heavily involved in the redeployment of the Liège region.

To sum up, the mechanism is as follows:

The Enterprise-University Interface is responsible for detecting projects likely to lead to the creation of spin-off companies.

As regards SA Gesval, it organises technology transfer to industrial projects through the sale by the University of Liège (ULiège) of operating rights of the results of research for commercial purposes.

Meusinvest is the financial partner, via the spin-offs seed fund Spinventure, which can contributed by means of capital or loans until the spin-off find sanother financial partner.

In addition to this first essential step, ULiège offers a range of services to young companies:

  • Integration into one of its specialist incubators (WSL ,GIGA, etc.).
  • Granting of facilities for establishing the company at the Liège Science Park on the university campus.

Overall, around one hundred spin-offs have been created this way including companies that are today well-known such as EVS Broadcast, MITHRA, AMOS or also Eurogentec.

© Tilt ULg dr - CNCM Grisard

Accompanying student entrepreneurs

More recently and always with a view to supporting the economic activity of the Liège region, ULiège created the status of student-entrepreneur. It is the only university, along with Ghent, that proposes this status, which offers a range of advantages to students who wish to create their own company.

These advantages involve :

  • Access to the VentureLab, a business incubator that proposes coaching services dispensed by experienced entrepreneurs, co-working premises, etc.
  • The student-entrepreneurs also benefit from amenities in their study courses as well as an administrative and academic tutor.

New economy accelerators

Lastly, ULiège is a partner in two new tools that aim to help the emergence of and boost start-ups in the new economy:
Plug.R, a new creative hub in Liège and Leansquare, a subsidiary of Meusinvest, which offers coaching services to start-ups.