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Shop and Drive

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Smart parking in the city center - a solution without any costs

The city of Liège offers 223 smart parking places to increase the attractiveness of shops. In these parking lots, drivers and suppliers can park for free for 30 minutes.
The aim is to increase the availability of parking spaces by promoting a rapid rotation of cars.

This availability is beneficial for customers, but also for suppliers whose loading and unloading areas are often used by cars over an extended period.

How does this work in practice ?

Each of the 223 Shop and Drive parking spaces has a sensor that determines whether the space is free or occupied and calculates the parking time in real time.
The sensor sends out a signal about the presence of a vehicle.

You will be informed in real time about the availability of Shop and Drive places on the municipal territory.

Parking spaces can not be reserved. First come, first served. The driver does not have to take a ticket, not to place a parking disc, nor to perform a special action.

Just park near your favorite store and make sure you do not exceed the time limit of free parking.

In order to guarantee the proper operation of the system for the benefit of everyone, the police regularly carries out inspections. It is also informed in real time about the exceedances.

At what time of the day are these places active ?

The 223 Shop & Drive places are active from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

During this period, the parking time at these places is strictly limited to 30 minutes free for all vehicles, including holders of a residents' card, a card for the disabled and persons with reduced mobility or a parking sticker.

There is no parking time limitation before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m., as well as on Sunday. Parking is free. Places can, for example, be used by customers of restaurants or by local residents.

The vehicle is detected by a sensor.
No ticket needed, no disk needed, no text messages needed.

After 30 minutes you must clear the place.