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European Forum for Urban Security

For its members, and sometimes with the assistance of other partners, the Forum organises audits, transfer of skills or technical assistance in developing a local security plan, which is a necessary tool for decision-making.

Liège has signed up to the "Security, Democracy and Cities" manifesto.

Created in 1987 in Barcelona, with the support of the European Council, with the aim of reinforcing policies intended to prevent crime based on the "prevention - repression - solidarity" trio, and promoting the role of elected representatives in national and European policies, the European Forum for Urban Security today brings together more than 300 local authorities. Their aim is to develop a European culture of security and prevention of delinquency. These cities have developed links between themselves in the form of knowledge, expertise and methodological exchanges, in which Liège has been participating since commencing its membership in 1995.

On 14th December 2012, all the elected representatives from the Forum's member cities present at the international conference entitled "The Future of Prevention", drew up a manifesto "Security, Democracy and Cities" for Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis.

This text highlights the essential principles on which the members of the European Forum agree and notably underlines that security must be asserted to be a fundamental right, alongside other fundamental rights and freedoms, that a good security policy is based on a balance between prevention, repression and monitoring, that local scopes should be favoured because they are characterised by proximity, pragmatism, a global and integrated approach as well as an attachment to "living together" and respecting diversity.

Considering that these working principles are in keeping with the actions implemented by the City of Liège in terms of prevention and security, the College of Aldermen proposed that the council signed up to this manifesto.

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