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International Federation for Housing and Planning [I.F.H P.]

1. Creation

The IFHP was founded in 1913 by Ebenezer Howard, the founding father of the "garden city", a concept combining housing and urban planning intended to solve the problems of expanding conurbations and to provide better living conditions.

The members of the IFHP are present in more than 50 countries and represent the variety of disciplines covered by the domain of housing and planning. It includes collective members and individual members.

The IFHP has gone on to be an international network of professionals from a wide range of disciplines in the broad field of housing and planning: architecture, urban planning, regional planning, transports, the ecology, geography, sociology, political sciences, economics, finance, law, health, statistics, logistics and information technology.

2. Objectives

The aim of the "International Garden Cities & Town Planning Federation", as the IFHP was originally called, was to promote this concept and generally improve the profession of housing and planning through international exchanges of knowledge and experience.

It also sought to promote the concept of housing and land planning as well as improving the general standard of the profession by the international exchange of knowledge and experience. The professional range has since expanded, but international exchanges are still the essential source of information and inspiration.

It organises activities and offers facilities in the professional domain for international exchanges of knowledge and experience. Its most significant activity revolves around holding an annual convention on a specific theme.

The IFHP organises a wide range of activities and creates opportunities for international knowledge exchange. Among these activities, the main event is the annual convention devoted to a topical theme.