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The Community of Ariane Cities, created in Kourou on 17th July 1998 on the initiative of Arianespace, is a non-profit making association which draws its driving force from its commitment to European construction and its attachment to the Ariane programme.

The CVA contributes to the economic, cultural and educational development of the cities and their citizens in a quest to promote European space exploration. Through its programme, the association aims to:   

  • Remind citizens of the remarkable know-how that the aerospace sector possesses in our cities and how it makes it possible to project a favourable image of our cities throughout Europe.
  • Underline the social and economic implications of the Ariane programme as well as its advantages for technological progress.
  • Assist young people in discovering the fascination of space flight.
  • Publicise the fact that the Ariane programme is a precursor to and an example of the success of European cooperation and trans-national commitments.
  • Promote space exploration via education and inter-culturalism.
  • Make it known that French Guyana is a hive of hi-tech and as such is an important part of Europe.
  • Facilitate creation of long-term cooperation between Ariane, the cities, schools, universities and industries.