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LUCI, a worldwide network

Since the end of 2001, the City of Liège has enlisted its approach to the use of light in all its purposes (as a utility, for security, tourism or as a sign of identity) at the heart of the work conducted by the various committees of this international network of cities.

Presentation of the network

Lighting Urban Community International is an association created in 2002 at the initiative of the City of Lyons. Its objective is to bring together municipalities worldwide in order to create an international network of the cities of light. LUCI allows the cities to meet, compare experience and share their skills. It bids to progress together in order to gain better use of light and make it a major tool in life, architecture and urban planning.

Light is a strategic and decisive element in urban planning. It increases the feeling of security for inhabitants. It is a vector for social integration and enhances many restoration programmes. It brings districts, streets or buildings out of the shadows and invites the inhabitants to adopt a new outlook on their environment. To ensure that this richness is fully exploited, LUCI develops joint thinking, exchanges and initiatives to provide greater comfort and tranquillity to the inhabitants of our cities.

Light is an integral part of urban planning and social life. Through its effects, light demands rigorous control: of its operational costs, energy management, respect for the environment, prevention of pollution, etc.

For many towns and cities, the question is essential: how can all the riches of light be used optimally?

LUCI is a crossroad of experience and knowledge and bids to look at light via essential themes: the ecology, sustainable development and cost-effectiveness of lighting systems.

Light makes it possible to model space within a district, to shape the volumes of a building, to highlight heritage, to create artistic works and to produce spectacular events. Lighting can be a strategy that allows a city to assert and promote its identity.

Light is the subject of many permanent innovations throughout the world. Scientists, technicians, designers and companies each draw upon their knowledge to experiment with new lighting solutions that are more economic and provide better performance.

In becoming an international databank containing a wealth of information on lighting, LUCI illuminates us with regard to the future of light in our cities.

The perspectives can be witnessed in the city’s project for a safer city and a tourist-friendly city.

Our active presence in this network stems from the city’s project that recommends implementation of a culture and cross-sector approach to create the conditions conducive to effectively improving the inhabitants’ quality of life throughout the territory. It is also a means to highlight the tourist heritage of our city. Consequently, through this project we are achieving two vectors of our “Contract for the Future”, namely a safer city and more tourist-friendly city.

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