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Aachen [Germany]


Since 1955, this city has maintained special relations with Liège, as well as three other cities as part of the Meuse-Rhine Euro-region, referred to as the MAHHL cities (Maastricht, Aachen, Hasselt, Heerlen et Liège).


Aachen (or Aix-la-Chapelle as it is known in French-speaking Liège) is a city located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The etymology of its French name Aix-la-Chapelle stems (for Aix) from "aqua" (water in Latin) and the chapel built under order of Charlemagne from 794 to 798.

Aachen, which has a population of approximately 250,000, is an important commercial, tourist, scientific and economic hub. It boasts one of the country's leading universities which attracts many students.

Aachen has a wide range of museums and historical monuments. Its Christmas market and carnival attract plenty of visitors each year.