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Port-au-Prince [Haiti]

The city of Port-Au-Prince, founded in the 18th century, is the capital of Haiti. The city is built on 16 hills and looks overlooks the bay of the same name, which makes it the biggest sea port in Haiti. It also possesses its own airport that enables its inhabitants to travel to the main islands in the Caribbean, Canada, the USA and Europe.

The 2010 earthquake

At present, the city of Port-au Prince and the entire country are still strongly affected by the consequences of the earthquake on 12th January 2010. The City of Liège and its citizens displayed their sensitivity to the plight of their twin city as well as their solidarity with the population of Haiti.

Liège and Port-au-Prince

The City of Liège wanted to support and continue this mobilisation, and dis so through concluding a partnership with Port-Au-Prince following the decision of the municipal council on 27th April 2015.

In addition to conventional fields of cooperation, the partnership will focus on themes such as education, with collaboration between the Tourism and Hotel Colleges in both cities, based on joint membership of AIMF.