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Samarkand - Samarquand [in Uzbek] - Самарканд [in Russian] [Uzbekistan]

Samarkand, a partner since January 2005, is an important cultural, scientific and economic centre of Uzbekistan. The city, located in the Zeravshan Valley, has a population of approximately 400,000.

Samarkand, founded almost 2,500 years ago, is located on the famous Silk Road that the Caravans travelling from China and India to Asia Minor took. Flourishing scientific knowledge, arts and crafts were the basis of nicknames such as "The Eden of the East" and "The Sparkling Summit of the Earth".

Today, the city, which was the capital in the reign of Tamerlan, a formidable conqueror and statesman, combines legend and history. Its rich heritage is an undeniable asset for the tourism sector.