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Tangier [Morocco]

Tangier occupies an exceptional natural site, at the convergence of two continents (Africa and Europe) and two seas (the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea). At the Strait of Gibraltar, barely 14 km separate the coasts of Tangier and Spain. This open character pervades the city, its history (as an international city before independence), its economy and its culture.

Due to the size of its population (more than 900,000 inhabitants), Tangier is the 5th biggest city in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is the second biggest industrial centre of the country after Casablanca in a number of varying domains: the textile, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and ship-building industries. The city possesses duty-free industrial zones.

As regards transport infrastructure, the city is well-endowed: a port that handles an impressive amount of merchandise (the new "Tanger-Med" sea port), fishing and passengers (more than one million passengers per year), a railway station, regular ferry lines, a new motorway and an international airport.

Tangier is also a major seaside resort thanks to the natural and historical attractions of its beaches and coast.

The city is split into four districts.

Liège and Tangier

The partnership signed in 2006 has given rise to technical cooperation in combatting social exclusion.