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City Pass, a new train and bus subscription

On 1st July 2018, SNCB and TEC launched the City Pass, which is a new integrated pass allowing users to take SNCB trains and TEC buses within the Liège conurbation.

According to a survey by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport, 82% of commuting from home to work and back in Wallonia takes place in cars occupied by a single person. As regards the Liège conurbation, it has the worst congestion in Wallonia. To provide its inhabitants with a further incentive to use public transport as well as to benefit from the advantages it offers in terms of mobility, safety, sustainability and competitiveness, SNCB and TEC have developed the City Pass. This pass allows passengers to take SNCB trains and TEC buses in a zone that covers both the major employment hubs in the Liège urban area (such as Liège airport and its nearby industrial zone, the Hauts-Sarts industrial zone, the new CHC hospital centre, as well as companies located within the city of Liège) and the main teaching establishments (including the Liège teaching hospital and Liège University).

This new intermodal price package is especially aimed at those in employment, students and pupils who frequently travel to and from the City of Liège and/or from and to its neighbouring towns.

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The aim of SNCB and TEC is to foster complementarity between the two networks and to offer the best public transport travel solutions according passengers’ mobility needs. This new product called the City Pass is an attractive alternative to current passes and an excellent means of meeting passengers’ expectations in terms of flexibility and ease of use. In concrete terms, the area in which the City Pass is valid corresponds with the Liège conurbation congestion zone, including the TEC zones of Liège centre (zone 5810) and its surrounding towns (zone 5820) as well as many SNCB stations (Ans, Flémalle-Haute, Flémalle-Grande, Leman, Jemeppe-sur-meuse, Pont-de-Seraing, Sclessin, Angleur, Chênée, Bressoux, Liège-Guillemins, Liège-Jonfosse, Liège-Palais, Herstal, Milmort, Liers, Trooz and Tilff ). Both Bierset station and airport are also included in this validity area. In addition, the City Pass has been launched in tandem with improvement to SNCB services in the province of Liège thanks to the opening of line 125 A in June and the stations in Seraing and Ougrée as well as the station at Chaudfontaine in early September, all three of which are in the City Pass validity area. TEC line 41 will also be extended to the Sart-Tilman district, enabling a train/bus link for the university campus. For passengers aged 25 years and older and for commuters on their home/work journeys:

  • The monthly City Pass is available for € 50.
  • The yearly pass costs € 500.
  • For passengers aged under 25 years, the price of a monthly pass is € 25 and the yearly pass costs € 250.
  • From September, a second new product will also be on sale: the 24-hour City Pass. At a cost of 6 euros, it will allow passengers to travel as much as they want on the two networks within the validity area over a 24-hour period.

The City Pass is on sale from:

  • SNCB ticket offices for your first purchase (as well as from other points of sale when renewing your pass: the web site, ticket machines, etc.).
  • From the following TEC points of sale: ESPACES TEC ticket offices, E-SHOP, SELF and EASY PAY (pass renewal by bank transfer).

For more information, see sncb.be and infotec.be.