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Plzen [Czech Republic]

Origin of twinning

Twinned in 1965, this city was liberated from Nazi occupation in 1945 by the American army assisted by the 17th battalion of Belgian Fusiliers, made up of many young men from Liège. The friendship between Liège and Plzen owes much to this liberation. The twinning agreements coincided with the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Liberation.


Plzen is the administrative centre of the Plzen region (in the Czech Republic). The city is located at the confluence of four rivers: the Uhlava, Uslava, Radbuza and Mze. The municipality is the 4th biggest city in the Czech Republic (with a population of approximately 160,000).

Plzen is a city with a very active cultural scene. It boasts many museums and historical buildings. As such, the main square and surrounding streets form a Gothic architectural centre that is listed among the Czech Republic's reserves of historical heritage. It was also the European Capital of Culture in 2015.

In particular, Plzen is known for its brewery that produces the famous Pilsener Urquell. Among the museums in Plzen, the Beer Museum is one of the oldest of its type in the whole world. In addition to beer, the local economy is also powered by the steel-making and metallurgic industries.